Windows On Main Street

Horsefeathers Windows On Main

Savor The Food – Enjoy The View

Our “Windows On Main Street” dining area is on the second floor of the restaurant and when you arrive you’ll know why we named it the way we did. With several giant windows on the front of the building you get a fantastic view of Schouler Park, the Conway Scenic Railroad and the Moat Mountain range behind the historic train station. In the nicer weather months when we have the windows open you’ll be able to hear the trains blowing their whistles as they enter and depart the train depot with a load of tourists aboard.

As you overlook Schouler Park, and depending on the time of year, you could be watching children play football, baseball, soccer or people hanging out playing frisbee or catching some sun. In the winter, you’ll find a Norman Rockwell type of experience in the park as people ice skate in the outdoor skating rink that the Community Center puts up every winter. Some days it’s fun just to watch the weather move across the mountain tops.

Regardless of what’s happening in North Conway Village you can sit back, relax and enjoy a fantastic meal and some drinks in Windows On Main Street in Horsefeathers.